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Why do I need Web Hosting and What To Look For?
website hosting london ontario web hostingAll websites need to have an address - it's like a house sitting on street, your website also needs a neighborhood and a street to reside on so your customers & potential customers can "visit your on line business". It should be important that you know where your website is residing and who your neighbors should be important to you to be on a reputable "street" in order for your website to be available to the World Wide Web 24/7 by the Internet.

You have the choice between a company that supplies only hosting and a company that specializes in mass hosting, or a company with hosting as one of their added services. If you have a web design company design your website and they also offer website hosting, it's also a good recommend for your web designer to host your website as well, the benefit of this is that your web design company reduces the number of people you have to call if something isn’t working properly on your site.

 web hosting london ontario web hosting services