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Some simple easy fun stuff!
WWW = World Wide Web

ISP = Internet Service Provider - (the company you get your internet from)

RAM = Random Access Memory = It's what makes your computer run smoothly, it's what your computer takes from the hard drive and stores it for faster access, with out it your computer would run really slow....so the more RAM the faster your computer.

Megabytes - Gigabytes - Terabytes - What Are They?
These terms are used in the world of computers to describe the size of space you have in your computer. Just a few years ago we were describing hard drive space using Megabytes. Today, Gigabytes is the most common term being used to describe the size of a hard drive but most likely Terabyte is now what you are hearing. SO - The more GIGS your have or the more Terabytes you have the more space you have! - "it's like having more closet space, or garage space or shed space or work shop space - the bigger the better! that way we can put more stuff in there!

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