what is the web? what is the internet? what is social media? what is pinterest? what is....

SEO - I get asked all the time “ why do your clients websites get ranked so high in search engines?”
Well the answer is easy! I have special magic tricks up my sleeve!  Just kidding!  I do have many tricks of the trade that I use that work with search engines.
I believe the back end of your website – the behind the scenes “stuff” is just as important as the front end and I think it makes a HUGE difference if you take as much tlc with the behind the scenes "stuff" as you do with the front end "pretty stuff".

Social Media,Digital Media - blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda - Q - do you need to be on top of all these "things"? A - YES YOU DO!  
Yes it seems daunting and overwhelming and scary and time consuming....  and lets be honest...IT IS!! But if you take a deep breath, let it out and move forward one small step a time it's not so bad and being it's all oportunties to grow your business then it's all worth it....  Check back soon for more to come on this subject! or e-mail  me with any questions you may have - kendell@powerflower.ca

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